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ChatterLures 20″ Splash Bar with 9″ Soft Head Machine Lures




20" Splash Bar - 9" Soft Head Machine Lures

  • 20” Titanium Spreader Bar with 7" Centered Bird on the Bar
  • #200 Momoi Smoke Blue Mono Teaser Lines
  • #250 Momoi Smoke Blue Mono Main Line
  • (7) x 9" Soft Head Machine Teasers
  • #350 AFW Ball Bearing Snap Swivel hidden inside last 9” Soft Head Machine teaser
  • 1 x 45” Interchangeable 12” Soft Head Machine Stinger rigged with an 9/0 QuickRig Koga Trolling Hook
  • Red Tri Beads
  • Diamond Chafe Tube at all connections
  • Diamond Crimps (bench crimped)
  • 24 x 12 Spreader Bar bag w/mesh back for easy cleaning included
  • Available Colors: Green, Purple, Green Ghost, Ghost Purple, Orange Zucchini, Watermelon, Purple/Zucchini


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